Lavis Jelly Nude Gel Nails Review 2023

Lavis Jelly Nude Gel Nails Review 2024

Do you love the clean look aesthetic? Like when your nails have a sheer wash of shiny color and not much else? Then you’ve got to see our Lavis jelly nude gel nails review 2024. We’re covering the most gorgeous shades of jelly polish for an irresistible, trendy manicure that’s easy to do at home.

The Benefits of Jelly Nude Gels

Lavis Jelly Nude Gel Nails Review 2023

These colors are like lip gloss for your nails. They may seem like the height of simplicity, but there are actually many different jelly nail designs to enjoy. Can you imagine how much they will dress up your next French manicure?

Moreover, jelly nude colors match anything, whether you're on vacation, at work, or at a formal event. Since they are gel polish, they stay glossy and chip-free for weeks. All you need is a UV or LED nail lamp to cure them.

For maximum jelly goodness, pop on clear gel extensions first. Then you have even more canvas to show off the color.

If you’ve not done a gel manicure before, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s not just the incredible durability and glossy shine. Gel polish is a dream to use. It has a lovely texture and no noxious odor like nail lacquer. Plus, if you don’t like how it looks, you can wipe it off before you cure it because it won’t dry until it’s under the nail lamp.

Lavis Jelly Nude Gel Collection

Lavis Jelly Nude Gel Nails Review 2023


Some say that jelly nails look like the colorful yet transparent jelly shoes from the 90s. Others call them stained glass nails. Either way, this sheer polish has a luxurious look. It’s perfect if you want to get in on the jelly nails trend.

The full set of jelly nude gels from Lavis includes twenty-four colors. They include sophisticated grays, the palest of greens, hints of peach or plum, baby pink, sky blue, and beige. But those aren’t even all the shades! That’s because these polishes are very versatile.

Take number 10, for example. One coat makes it a barely-there pink. The second coat gives it a richer color. And the third coat takes it deeper still. The polish gives you total control over the outcome.

Of course, each of the gel colors is sold individually as well as in the set. However, if you purchase the set, it comes with the sample board. The samples include examples of what one, two, and three coats will look like.

We love this collection of nude gel colors and so do our customers. It’s hard to choose a single color because it’s so tempting to experiment with them all! There’s literally a shade for every outfit, from blue jeans or a sundress to eveningwear or a day at the office. Unlike opaque polish, you never have to worry if your translucent nails will be too much. Still, they dress up anything.

What Can You Do with the Lavis Jelly Nude Gels?

Jelly nudes are incredibly adaptable to all sorts of nail art. Here are some ideas:

  • Leave your nails with a simple wash of color.
  • Add a colorful line for micro-French nails.
  • Jazz up summertime with strawberry nails.
  • Join two colors for a subtle ombré or gradient effect.
  • Spice up the manicure with a glitter accent nail, rhinestones, or charms.
  • Accentuate the nails with emboss gel.

The sky’s the limit!

How to Choose the Best Jelly Nude Gel Colors for Your Skin

What's the trick to finding out which colors look best on you? Look at your wrists in daylight. Are the veins blue, green, or some mix of both?

If they look blue, you have cool undertones. If they look green, you have warm undertones. And if it’s a little of both or else you’re not sure, that means neutral undertones.

Accordingly, look at the color chart for the Lavis jelly nude collection. Those with cool tones might choose numbers 14, 16, or 21.

Next, someone with a warm undertone might go with 10, 18, or 20.

Someone with neutral undertones can wear whatever they like!

In any case, it’s not like matching your makeup. Instead, it’s choosing a complementary color for your nails.

The best part about using these nude gels for jelly nails is that you’ll have color consistency. Sure, you can mix your own glass nails color with a clear top coat and another nail polish shade. But sadly, it’s hard to re-create the same color again later even if you pay close attention to how many drops you combined. What’s more, the Lavis gels have excellent shine and durability.

What Do You Need to Apply Lavis Jelly Nude Gels?

Besides the usual manicure tools like a file, clippers, and buffing block, you’ll need a nail lamp. We’d like to suggest this one as it cuts down on curing time for gel polish:

Lavis UV/LED Nail Lamp

Lavis Jelly Nude Gel Nails Review 2023


This powerful nail lamp is perfect for both salon and home use. What's nice is that it's rechargeable so you don't need to sit near a power outlet to do your nails.

Using it is straightforward. Choose a timer setting and watch the screen as it counts down. You don’t even need to touch the button to turn on the light each time – there’s a motion sensor that does it for you.

The mirror finish interior and strategically placed LEDs ensure perfect curing every time.

You’ll get better results and a longer-lasting manicure if you prep your nails properly. This includes pushing back the cuticles, removing the shine from the nail plate, and cleaning the nails to remove oil.

Then, apply a base coat first before the jelly nude polish and a top coat after. The Lavis Diamond Top Gel is ideal for finishing up your manicure. A single coat turns jelly nails into glass nails like magic.

When you do gels, it’s also handy to have lint-free wipes. They are convenient for removing the sticky layer left on some gel polishes. Plus, they are ideal for keeping nail art brushes clean.

Finally, don’t forget the cuticle oil. Your jelly nails manicure will look even more stunning if your cuticles are healthy and hydrated.


If you love jelly nail polish, then you need to see what else we have in store! Check out our new arrivals page to see what’s trending. Remember to claim your free gift and enjoy free shipping on orders over $100.

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