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SNS Cordless UV/LED Nail Lamps
SNS Cordless UV/LED Nail Lamps

SNS Cordless UV/LED Nail Lamps



1 SNS Lamps

About the product:

2018 Hybrid LED.

High capacity Battery.

Perfect cure for any nail gels.

Acetone resistant.

3 timer settings: 30s, 60s, 99s.

Preset LED Display Timer with countdown

**Remember to fill out your warranty card once you receive the item and mail it to the SNS Manufacturer (address is listed on the warranty card) in order to qualify for 1-year warranty (if needed).

Check box or manufacturer website for warranty information.

IMPORTANT: All manufacturers require in the event that any electronic nail tools, UV/LED lamps, and/or their parts are not working properly, customers must contact the product’s original manufacturer directly. All products come with a manufacturer’s warranty card that must be filled out after purchase for product defect protection.

CHECK BOX HERE: By purchasing this product, I understand the above statement and agree to contact the original manufacturers if the product and/or its parts are not working properly.