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LDS UV/LED Nail Lamp

$17500 $25000


LDS Lamp

  • 48w fast curing
  • Acetone proof housing
  • Motion sensor activation
  • Removable stainless steel tray
  • LCD display timer with countdown
  • Cordless & rechargeable power system
  • Added fan and vents for client comfort
  • Built - in handle for convenient mobility
  • Custom preset cure timer 15, 30, 45s, 60s
  • Mirror interior for even light distribution

**Remember to fill out your warranty card once you receive the item and mail it to the LDS Manufacturer (address is listed on the warranty card) in order to qualify for 1-year warranty (if needed)

Check box or manufacturer website for warranty information.

Lavis Dip Systems, Inc. (“LDS”) provides the following warranty for LDS LED Lamps purchased in the U.S. for use in conjunction with UV/LED nail polish.


  1. Warranty Statement

For U.S. Only, LDS’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacement during the warranty period of any part that proves defective in material or workmanship. LDS will (at its cost) either repair or replace (at LDS’s option) the unit. LDS will not cover the expense for shipment of the unit to LDS and for shipment of the repaired or replaced unit to you. LDS reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to determine the validity of any Lamp warranty claim. LDS’s decision shall be final.

  1. Warranty Periods

LDS warrants this Lamp to be free from defects in material and workmanship for One (1) year for the original purchasers effective from the date of purchase.

  1. Warranty Void Conditions
  • Lamp is not purchased from an authorized LDS distributor.
  • Lamp is not used according to LDS’s instructions for use and maintenance.
  • Normal wear and tear or to any products or parts that have been lost or discarded by you.
  • Defects in products or parts caused by misuse, accident, improper installation, or use in violation of instructions furnished by LDS.
  • Units that have been altered, opened or modified without LDS’s authorization.
  • Consequential damages of any nature or amount.