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LDS Fall 2020 Collection 1oz/ea (12 Colors): FC01 - FC12

$9228 $13188


LDS Fall Collection includes: FC01 - FC12

  • FC01
  • FC02
  • FC03
  • FC04
  • FC05
  • FC06
  • FC07
  • FC08
  • FC09
  • FC10
  • FC11
  • FC12

LDS’s goal is to fulfill three aspects below:

  • Quality - LDS products’ quality is based on color consistency, easy application, chip resistance, long lasting and gel-like shine appearance.
  • Colors - Color is a universal language. It is a reflection of multi-faceted personality, in which we envision channeling specific colors. Currently, up to 200 unique colors are available, thoughtfully formulated.
  • Designs - LDS Dip Powders are pigmented, fine powders that make Ombre, Tie Dye or 3D nail-art application, an easier process.

Made in the USA

Brand: LDS Lavis Dip Systems

Collection: LDS Fall Collection

Size: 1 oz

Type: Dipping Powder

Features: Dip Powder, Essentials

Condition: New Item

PLEASE NOTE: Color samples/ images may vary depending on different monitors and screens. It is up to the buyer to do their research for the product they are purchasing. Packaging may vary.