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LDS Glitters Nail Art Set 48 Colors: DCG02-12, DIG01-24, DLG01-06, DFG01-07 - 0.5oz

$27000 $36000


LDS Acrylic Powder Glitters Nail Art  Set 48 Colors: DCG02-12, DIG01-24, DLG01-06, DFG01-07

Chunky Glitter Collection

Chunky Glitter Collection will grab your attention instantly. This collection will make your mani shine bright like a diamond.

Irregular Glitter Collection

Irregular Glitter Collection offers glitters in different shapes, which surely make your mani more interesting. This collection comes in an extensive range of colors, so you might pick not just one, but all of them since they're so gorgeous to resist.

Luxury Glitter Collection

More glitter, less bitter. Exactly like its name, our Luxury Glitter Collection will glam up your nails. Extremely shiny & high quality that is guaranteed to make your nails stand out from the crowd.

FG Collection

  • High-quality, pigmented glitters.
  • Make your nails look colorful and shiny.
  • Can be used with Acrylic Powder, Dip Powder, Gel Builder, Gel Polish.
  • Easy to apply and control.
  • Use them as a design and still need to encapsulate with clear acrylic.
  • Using our glitters with the monomer (EMA liquid) for the best result.
  • Professional Nail Art Tool for Nail Technician.
  • Suitable for nail salon, nail art school, college, personal use, wholesale, etc.


  1. Apply a layer of top coat to the nail (DON'T CURE)
  2. Sprinkle Glitters all over nails (then cure 1-2mins)
  3. Dust off - DONE

Brand: LDS

Size: 0.5 oz

Type: Essential Glitter

PLEASE NOTE: Color samples/ images may vary depending on different monitors and screens. It is up to the buyer to do their research for the product they are purchasing. Packaging may vary.