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LDS Holographic Glitter CG01- CG06 - Acrylic & Dip Powder 1 oz



Acrylic & Dip Powder Kit 1 (1oz): CG01 - CG06

Chunky Glitter Acrylic & Dip Powder Collection

Chunky Glitter Acrylic & Dip Powder Collection will grab your attention instantly. This collection will make your mani shine bright like a diamond.

LDS Acrylic & Dip Powder product is a newly innovative 2-In-1 system; you can use it conveniently for both purposes: acrylic or dipping techniques.

Fine powder that requires less filing and curing under UV/LED lamp

Flexible for nail art design and work well with other powder, gel polish & lacquer

More than 100 colors to choose from

Available in 1 oz & 1.5 oz

Size: 1 oz

Brand: LDS

Type: Acrylic & Dip Powder

Collection: Chunky Glitter Collection - CG

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