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KUPA Nail Drill - 55 M. Princess
KUPA Nail Drill - 55 M. Princess

KUPA Passport Nail Drill Complete with Handpiece KP-55 - M. Princess (Pink)



MANIPro Passport Complete + MANIPro Cradle

This powerful, all new exclusive, portable electric nail file has been designed for the Professional Nail Technicians who demand power and portability. The MANI-PRO Passport® Control Box features a lightweight battery-powered Acetone Resistant Finish control box. This unit can provide anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of use per charge in either 110v or 220v. The MANI-PRO Passport® comes complete with a stainless steel belt clip and a plastic handpiece holster that can snap on either side of the control box. Full one-year parts and labor warranty with your Kupa E-file Control Box!


PassportTM Portable Control Box PassportTM Charging System

Stainless Steel Belt Clip Plastic Handpiece Holster*

Instruction Manual


Ultra Smooth / Quiet / Vibration Free Acetone Resistant Finish

Control Box

Compact Light Weight Portable/Rechargeable

8-10 Hours of Battery Life Variable Speed Control

Forward/ Reverse Button Illuminated Power Indicator

High Torque / 30,000 RPM Quick Charge System - 2 Hours Full Charge

Automatic switching 110/220 Volts Limited One Year Warranty


** Remember to fill out your warranty card once you receive the item and mail it to the Manufacturer (address is listed on the warranty card) in order to qualify for 1-year warranty (if needed)

Check box or manufacturer website for warranty information

Charge Automatic switching 110/220 Volts Limited One Year Warranty

PLEASE NOTE: Color samples/ images may vary depending on different monitors and screens. It is up to the buyer to do their research for the product they are purchasing. Packaging may vary.

IMPORTANT: All manufacturers require in the event that any electronic nail tools, UV/LED lamps, and/or their parts are not working properly, customers must contact the product’s original manufacturer directly. All products come with a manufacturer’s warranty card that must be filled out after purchase for product defect protection.

CHECK BOX HERE: By purchasing this product, I understand the above statement and agree to contact the original manufacturers if the product and/or its parts are not working properly.