Christmas Water Trasfer Nail Art 2

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Christmas Water Transfer Nail Art 2

Clear water slide nail decals are super easy to apply! Whether you're a DIY Beauty Guru or nail tech. Apply to your set and add as a layer encapsulate or use as a accent and finish with your preferred top coat


You may trim your decal down further; the background is transparent.

  1. Prep your nails. Clean, cut , shape etc.
  2. Paint your nails in white or another light colour. Allow them to dry.
  3. Cut out your nail decal and place it in the bowl of water using your tweezers.
  4. Leave in the water for approx 20-30 seconds.
  5. Take your decal out of the water and check if it is loose from the backing. (Allow water to drip from the decal.)
  6. If it is loose from the backing, slide the decal off and position on your nail. (If the decal moves around too much before placing it, add a very light coat of topcoat to your nail before placing).
  7. Seal it with a top coat, allow to dry and seal it again with a topcoat.

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