Milk Bath Nails

Milk Bath Nails Are the Prettiest Trend You Need for Your Hands

Milk bath nails are the prettiest trend you need for your hands. They've been around for a while but are trending now thanks to celebrities and social media. With its soft, ethereal appearance, this nail trend fits into the "clean girl" aesthetic, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a chic yet dreamy manicure.

The look is a delightful blend of elegance and whimsy, drawing inspiration from the luxurious indulgence of a milk bath. As a close cousin to glazed donut nails, milk bath nails boast a creamy base color adorned with intricate floral designs or flecks of glitter, evoking the image of flowers and shimmering particles floating in bath water.

Creating milk bath nails requires a keen eye for detail and a delicate touch, as the magic lies in the artful layering of polish to blur the design and produce an illusion of depth. Regardless of the technique, the result is a breathtaking display of artistry that will have everyone asking where you got your manicure!

Top Milk Bath Nail Design 2024

Acrylic Milk Bath Nails

Milk Bath Nails

Milk bath nails can be created using acrylics to encapsulate the flowers and create the illusion of depth. It requires a mix of clear and white acrylic powder and monomer for the milky effect, plus different colors of dried flowers and leaves.

The flowers are encapsulated with acrylic that’s then filed so that parts of the leaves and petals show on the surface. It makes them look like they are sinking in the bathwater. Then a final clear coat provides a gorgeous finish that lasts for weeks.

Milk Bath Accent Nails

Milk Bath Nails

Sometimes, a little bit goes a long way. These attractive milk bath accent nails are a perfect accompaniment for the other fingertips.

Milk Bath Extensions

Milk Bath Nails

These elegant coffin tips are the ideal example of milk bath nails. We half-believe that if we touched them, they would feel wet!

Faded Milk Bath Nails

Milk Bath Nails

Have you ever seen something so delicate and beautiful that you can't look away? That's precisely how we feel about these milk bath nails. They remind us of faded Victorian wallpaper with a captivating charm that pulls us in for a closer look.

Milk Bath Nails with Glitter

Milk Bath Nails

These milk bath nails are an indulgent experience, like a spa treatment at your fingertips. They perfectly complement the glitter and confetti of a bath bomb. This manicure is like a fizzy, fragrant soap in the tub!

Milk Bath Party Nails

Milk Bath Nails

Yes, it’s possible to have it all. These bath milk nails include tiny flowers and flecks of glitter with chrome nails on either side.

How to Do Milk Bath Nails at Home

It's perfectly possible to do milk bath nails at home. You don't even need acrylic powder and monomer to do the look. Instead, it requires off-white nail polish, a base coat, a clear top coat, a makeup sponge, tweezers, dried flowers, nail foil, confetti, or stickers.

  • Break up the flowers into smaller pieces if desired. If you use real flower petals, pre-soak them in water or clear polish to make them flexible enough to sit flat on the nails.
  • Prep your nails by trimming, shaping, and lightly buffing off the shine. Push back cuticles and wipe the nails with rubbing alcohol to remove excess oil.
  • Apply a clear base coat and let it dry.
  • Combine 2 parts of clear top coat with one part of off-white polish. If it looks translucent yet milky, it's ready. If not, alter the ratio.
  • Use a makeup sponge to dab the polish mixture across the nail but not cover the entire nail. You're creating a marbled look.
  • Before that player is completely dry, use tweezers to place the petals onto the nails. Be careful to not smudge the polish.
  • Use the sponge to apply another layer of translucent polish mixture. Again, only cover part of the nail. You're creating an illusion of depth as if the flowers were sinking into bathwater.
  • Once you’re happy with the way it looks, top everything with a clear top coat.

An alternative technique is to layer on a sheer but milky nail color as the base. This can be any shade you want, whether pink, mint julep green, or baby blue. Next, create a design with nail stickers, a stamp applicator, or real petals, and then layer the same sheer nail color over it to blur it out. Finish with a glossy top coat.

Using gel polish instead of nail lacquer makes it even easier to do milk bath nails. The gel polish won't dry until it's cured in the nail lamp so you have all the time you need to arrange everything perfectly. Moreover, gels have a shiny glass-like finish and last 2 to 3 times as long as a nail lacquer. You can even apply a matte top coat instead for a unique twist on milk bath nails.

If you are using gel polish, we recommend starting with this set:

Lavis Gel Base

Lavis Gel Base


The LDS base gel provides the ideal adhesion for a long-lasting manicure. It's designed to be flexible and quick to soak off to protect your natural nails from damage.

Lavis Gel Diamond Top

Milk Bath Nails


Meanwhile, the LDS diamond top gel prevents chipping, scratching, and fading and enhances the vibrancy of your nail art with a high-gloss finish. It saves you time and effort as it’s a no-wipe top coat. Just a single layer makes for a flawless manicure.


We agree that milk bath nails are the prettiest trend to grace the world of nail art these days. They have such a mesmerizing blend of sophistication, creativity, and enchantment. With their milky base and floating floral designs or glittery accents, these nails evoke a serene, dreamlike quality that is alluring and refreshing, just like a nice long soak in the bath. So, why not treat yourself to this gorgeous trend and experience the beauty of milk bath nails? While you're at it, enjoy the relaxation from saving money with our deals. Remember, we offer free shipping on orders over $100!

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